TFS World Friendly Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

TFS World Friendly Stocks and Shares Junior ISA

Investing in a better future and environment

TFS World Friendly Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

What is the TFS Junior ISA? 

A Junior Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient investment account for Children under the age of 18. Any interest, dividends or growth in your Child’s investment account are not liable to Income or Capital Gains Taxes.

Any parent or legal guardian can open and manage a TFS Junior ISA for their Child, and even family and friends can add money into it as well, but the money belongs to the Child.  The Child can take control of the account when they reach 16, but cannot withdraw the money until they turn 18.

Investing for your Child’s future is important.  Our Stocks and Shares Junior ISA lets you invest in your Child’s Junior ISA in a way that is easy to understand, flexible and tax-efficient. Your tax-free payments can be made on a regular or one-off basis and you will have the flexibility to make changes as and when you need to.

Our Junior Stocks and Shares ISA is a medium to long-term investment. We want your investment for your Child to be in the way that suits you best, so we allow you to decide for yourself which funds you wish to invest in. All funds have the added value of showing commitment towards being ethically responsible, aiming to influence positive change to the environment and society.

Who can benefit from the TFS Junior ISA? 

You can open a TFS Junior ISA for your Child, which they will be able to access once they turn 18, and help them fund some of their future expenses such as, their further education, driving lessons or job training.


Key Features of the World Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA: 

  • Junior Stocks and Shares ISA available 
  • Tax-efficient saving 
  • Invest in environmentally friendly funds 
  • Start investing from £30 a month or a lump sum of £500 or more 
  • Transfer your Child’s existing ISA to a TFS Junior ISA or apply to open a new TFS Junior ISA


Please note: When you invest, your Capital is at risk. 


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How we manage your Child’s money 


Responsible Investment 

The funds are designed to respond to environment, social and governance (ESG) risks such as climate change. They aim to increase exposure to companies with a favourable ESG profile, while decreasing investments in companies with a lower ESG score.  By doing so, the funds aim to influence positive change – ensuring companies are actively combatting the issues of climate change, while managing risk and generating sustainable long-term returns.

Unit-linked funds 

Our funds are unit-linked, which means that with every contribution you make, your Child’s Junior ISA is  allocated units. The number of units would depend on the unit price applicable on the date of allocation.

The value of your Child’s account is the total number of units held in the account multiplied by the unit price applicable on the date of calculation.

Unit funds performance can be viewed here

Switching funds 

You can switch between funds at no cost.  

Based on future pricing 

When you contribute to, or switch between funds, the value is calculated based on the next declared unit price. This is a practice that aims to protect the funds.

The unit price is calculated weekly, but this may vary.

Our funds 

We offer two funds, both of which aim to provide a combination of growth and income. However, they provide a different level of risk(/return) and approach to investment.

TFS Future World ESG Developed Markets Fund

Click here for the fund’s portfolio

Invests in:

Shares in companies that demonstrate good environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts in developed countries. (Asset Class:Equity)


Tracking the performance of the ESG Index-focuses investments in companies with a favourable ESG profile copared with others.

Level of risk:

Higher risk / return

Appeals to:

Individuals looking to invest responsibly, by tilting to responsible and sustainable companies.

TFS Future World ESG Multi-Index 4 Fund

Click here for the fund’s portfolio

Invests in:

Bonds, shares, money market instruments, deposits, cash and indirectly to alternative asset classes and property. (Asset Class: Multi Asset)


Invets at least 50% in investments that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, while staying within its pre-determined risk profile.

Level of risk:

Medium risk / smoother returns

Appeals to:

Individuals with a more cautious approach to investment, who are also looking to incorporate a responsible investment method.

It is important to remember that the value of your Child’s investments can go down as well as up, so your Child may get back less than what you pay in.

Want to know even more?

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