Sickness and Hospitalisation Plans

Most people don’t think they will have more than a week off work through sickness. Sadly illness or accident can affect any of us at any time and this could significantly reduce what you earn. What happens then when the bills keep coming in?

We offer a straightforward Sickness Plan that will pay you a weekly sum if you are off work sick for more than a week and even give you money back if you don’t claim.

Simply choose…

  • How much you wish to pay and
  • How long you wish to be paid for

Once you start a Plan the cost never goes up and all benefits are paid tax-free and in addition to any statutory or employer payments!

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Sickness Plan

Simply choose how much you wish to pay (the higher your contribution the more we pay you if you are off sick), then select the maximum number of weeks you would like the benefit to be paid (5 weeks, 12 weeks or 25 weeks). For each year that you do not make a sickness claim, we will reward you with a No Claim Bonus; the amount payable is dependent on the total benefit you have selected to be paid.

Subject to submission of a valid claim, benefit is payable from the second week of any sickness for up to the maximum number of weeks you selected in any 12 month period. The policy does not cover sickness that has started in the first 13 weeks of the policy start date.  

  • Premiums start from £1.55 per week
  • Cost never goes up and premiums don’t increase with age
  • Benefits are paid tax free
  • Up to £175 a week benefit when sick
  • Additional discretionary benefits
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your cover
  • Your plan will cease on your 65th birthday
  • Can qualify for a No Claim Bonus* when you leave

*Providing contributions have been received for at least 5 years, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) of £1 for every £7 of benefit selected will accrue for each year where no claim is made under this Plan.

Payment of a NCB will be made upon the death of the Member or after the Member reaches age 60 where they cease to continue in Eligible Employment and stop contributing to this Plan.

Subject to the receipt of satisfactory medical evidence, payment of a NCB may also be made if the Member is Medically Dismissed before their 60th Birthday and ceases to contribute. Providing the Policy has been in force for at least 5 years.

A No Claim Bonus will not apply to any period of membership beyond age 65.

Hospitalisation Plan

If you take out a Sickness Plan (or already have one) you also have the option of adding in Hospitalisation Cover.

No one likes to think it will happen to them but sometimes long-term illness can lead to a stay in hospital. Hospitalisation Benefit means that for a few pence more TFS will pay you a daily benefit if you are unfortunate enough to have to stay in hospital overnight.  Hospitalisation Plan is an add-on to the Sickness Plan.

  • You choose how much you wish to pay, the higher the premium, the higher the benefit.
  • Premiums start from 26p a week
  • Cost never goes up
  • Benefits are paid tax free
  • Up to £35 a night
  • Additional discretionary benefits
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your cover

Claims in respect of Sickness, Hospitalisation and Discretionary Benefits can be made online.

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Exciting News:

You can now continue to enjoy the benefits of a TFS Sickness Plan past the age of 65!

The TFS Sickness Plan is designed to cease on your 65th birthday. However, if you are approaching the age of 65 and staying in employment and wish to apply to extend your Sickness Plan up to age of 70, you can now do so.

We will write to you upon your 65th birthday to let you know your Plan is coming to maturity. At that time, you can decide whether you wish to apply for extension and continue to enjoy the benefits.

  • Extend your Sickness Plan past the age of 65 and up to age of 70
  • You can maintain your level of cover or decrease it
  • Your cover will be guaranteed
  • You will need to pay your premiums monthly by Direct Debit
  • Your premiums will be increased annually on your birthday and the rate charged may be subject to change