Welcome to the Transport Friendly Society (TFS)

Friendships are even more rewarding with TFS! Since a good friend has sent you here, we have a special welcome gift for you.

Join today and get your First Month Free of your new TFS Plan!

Transport Friendly Society (TFS) is a mutual organisation which means we are owned by our members and have no shareholders. Any profits are for the benefit of our members.

How it works

  1. Choose a TFS Plan you are interested in
  2. Apply online, quoting your friend’s Promo Code to get your First Month Free (four weeks free if paying weekly)
  3. Your friend will also get rewarded by TFS (with a £25 Amazon.co.uk gift card), once you have paid premiums for three months
  4. Once you become a member, you can also refer friends and get rewarded

Please remember that membership is only open to those associated with the passenger transport industry, their families and friends.

TFS Plans


Claim up to £175 per week when you are off sick for more than 7 days

The cost of your plan never goes up

Receive all benefits tax-free*


Save regularly – each week or month, in a tax-free, simple and affordable way

Get valuable Life Cover from day 1

Receive a tax-free Lump Sum at maturity*


Claim money back on your healthcare costs, such as up to £225 Dental benefit

Cover up to four of your children for free

Choose between 3 levels of cover

*under current legislation

Join TFS today and get your First Month Free! Just ensure you quote your friend’s Promo Code!

Why join TFS


Your 'Mutual'

We are a mutual friendly society, which means we are owned by our members and have no shareholders. Any profits are for the benefit of our members.


At Your Service

We strive to be of service to our members, which is why processing their claims is our top priority. In 2021, we paid a total of £2.99 million in claims, which also included Covid related claims.


Here since 1885

TFS started back in 1885. We have been providing peace of mind to our members ever since, introducing new plans over the years and aiming to respond to our members’ changing needs.

Terms and Conditions

Referring Member

You must be a contributing member of the Society to be eligible for this offer.

There is no limit to the number of friends or family members you can refer.

You will only qualify for a gift card if we accept the application of your referred friend or family member.

A gift card will be sent out to you once the Society has received contributions for three months from the referred new member.

You will not be entitled to a gift card if the referred member cancels their membership before paying three months’ contributions.

You will not be entitled to a gift card if the friend or family member being referred is an existing member of the Society.

The Society is not the supplier of the gift cards and accepts no liability for any matters relating to the usage of the gift cards. Usage of these gift cards is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the supplier (Amazon.co.uk). Please see here.

Gift cards are not exchangeable, transferrable or redeemable for cash or other goods.

In the event a gift card is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the Society’s reasonable control, the Society reserves the right to substitute it for another reward of similar value.


Friend (New member)

The Society shall decide at its absolute discretion whether or not to accept any new application.

As the referred friend, you will have the first month free, meaning you will not need to pay any contributions for the first month of the plan (first four weeks if paying weekly).

You must apply using the promo code of the referring member to ensure you both receive your rewards.

The Society’s membership is only open to people involved in the passenger transport industry, their families and friends.

This offer does not apply to existing members.



Employees, Ambassadors or Board Members of the Society are not eligible for this offer.

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

The Society reserves the right to change or terminate the offer in full or in part or amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Have more questions?

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Call us on 020 7833 2616

Email us at info@tfs.uk.com