The Benefits of Membership

What does it mean to be a member?

Being a Member

When you take out a plan with us, you become a member!

Everything we aim to do is for the benefit of our members. The Society’s profits are ploughed back into our products and services, as well as used to provide additional benefits.

Our members also get certain rights, such as having a say on how the Society is run at our Annual General Meetings (AGM).

We are owned by our members and run for their benefit

Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership

The Society’s Plans are designed especially for anyone working in the transport and logistics industries


The cost never goes up once a Plan has started


Benefits are paid TAX-FREE (under current tax law)


Flexible payment set-up to fit your needs – weekly, 4 weekly or monthly frequency


Additional benefits at no extra cost – these are what we call Discretionary Benefits


After having a Sickness or Savings Plan for 12 months, you become entitled to our Discretionary Benefits, which provide financial assistance towards dental, optical and osteopathic treatments. Please note Discretionary Benefits are not available if you only have a Health Cash Plan or an ISA with us.


The Discretionary Benefits’ limits for expenses incurred on or after 1 March 2024 are as follows:

    • Dental treatment – 50% of the cost of treatment up to a maximum of £75 per year
    • Optical treatment (including sight test) – 50% of the cost of treatment up to a maximum of £75 every two years
    • Osteopathic treatment – 100% of the cost of treatment up to a maximum of £150 per year


A “Free Card” status for our most loyal members, who have contributed toward their Death Section Policy for 40 years


Your money is protected by the FSCS and your data is protected against cyber-attacks

Bonus Rates Update


Based on the Society’s performance, new Bonus Rates are set every year.

Last Updated: April 2024