Hospitalisation Plan

What is the Hospitalisation Plan

When you have a Sickness Plan with TFS, you also have the option of adding in Hospitalisation Cover.

No one likes to think it will happen to them but sometimes illness can lead to a stay in hospital. For just a few pence more TFS will pay you up to £35 per night if you are unfortunate enough to have to stay in hospital overnight.

Once your plan starts, the cost never goes up!

Hospitalisation Cover Key Features:

•  Hospitalisation Plan is an add-on to the Sickness Plan

•  Claim up to £35 per night tax-free

•  Benefit is payable for up to 112 nights per year

•  Hospitalisation Claims can be made online or by post

•  You can apply to upgrade or downgrade your cover

Financial help for your hospital stay of up to £35 per night

Please note that you need to be in good health at the time of applying. Pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered in the first 12 months of your plan.

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